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Executive Chef Sullange Solomon

Trini Lime Caribbean Cafe owned by Trinibagoian native, Sullange Solomon. Sullange love for cooking started at a tender age of 9 years old. Her grandmother's love and dedication ignited her own passion & love for cooking. ~ ''just hearing customers say, 'man she put her foot in this,' brings me all the joy.

Signature dishes of Trini Lime includes our known street food, Doubles, Aloo Pies & Roti are Trinibagoian inspired dishes. Aloo pie are bread filled with seasoned potatoes, Doubles are similar to flatbread with curry chickpeas and paired with tamarind sauces, cucumber chutney and pepper sauce if you like spicy..

You can pair these Trinibagoian street food with one of her signature sauces or naturally flavored drinks which you could normally at the restaurant, festival, Catering, & Soda City Market on some Saturdays.

A Diamond restaurant, Trini Lime Caribbean Cafe Caribbean features Caribbean dishes from throughout the Caribbean.

Trini Lime specialize in Trinibagoian cuisine with touch of dishes from all Caribbean islands.. Our recipes embodies the diversity of our Trinibagoian culture. We have so many different influences in our food, as well as our diverse culture.

Our passion for our cuisine comes from the love of our food for generations in our family, tradition started by my grandmother Volda Solomon Jules (R.I.P)

Caribbean cuisine

Add some flavor to your life

Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, East/North Indian and Chinese. These traditions were brought from many different countries when they came to the Caribbean. In addition, the population has created styles that are unique to the region. Our food is available for Take Out, Delivery, and Catering.